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Meet Coach Gabby Gast

love coach Gabby Gast

Hey, Sunshine!

My purpose is to empower parents to create peace and happiness with their partner, kids, and even the ex without the guilt and anxiety attached. Navigating co-parenting and blended families can be extremely painful and overwhelming. Before I get into that, I would like to give you a little bit of my backstory so you can understand why I love what I do! 


In my 20’s I married my first husband, and we adopted our two beautiful kids. After almost a decade together, our marriage deteriorated due to a very difficult and high conflict relationship of hurt and in 2015, I decided to file for divorce. 


Learning to live without my children 50% of the time was extremely difficult. I missed not being there for each and every milestone. But I also greatly missed the small things like tucking them in at night and waking up to their snuggles in the morning.

Meet Gabby


In 2017, I met an amazing man named Paul and his son, both of whom brought a beautiful light to my world. Today, I’m so happy to be able to call Paul my husband! Since we met, he’s been my rock and support. Something I valued so much, especially while I struggled with my health. 


I was born with Cystic Fibrosis (a genetic disease that affects my lung function, sinuses, and digestive system). My parents were told that I wouldn’t live past the age of 11. Spoiler alert: I lived way past that and then some! Two decades in fact! This diagnosis wasn’t too much of an issue until I turned 16 and contracted mono, which totally derailed my health. 


Less than a year after meeting my new love, I was diagnosed with End-Stage Cystic Fibrosis, and without a Double-Lung Transplant, we weren’t sure how long I would survive. However, 8 months later, I was grateful and honored to receive a transplant from a woman who was a beautiful wife, mom, and friend.


Recovery was difficult and I had a lot of setbacks. But Paul stuck by my side and helped me heal. Eventually, my health improved and I found myself with an immense amount of energy, newfound passion, and motivation to do more! Inspired by my wonderful relationship with Paul, I decided to help other women who have been through difficult relationships just as I had. 

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Both Paul and I have endured difficult relationships, and that’s okay. They brought us to where we are today. And In spite of those hardships, we’ve managed to build the most loving, caring, and understanding partnership that either of us could ask for. Our blended family has since enjoyed multiple years in love and happiness together. My ex and I were even able to set aside our differences and learn to communicate better in order to set a good example for our children. 


My passion is to walk beside those who are struggling to find a well-balanced relationship with their kids, an amicable relationship with their co-parent, and even a fulfilling relationship with their partner, so they can thrive in a co-blended family.


You absolutely can bounce back from a bad break.  I want every parent I work with to feel loved, adored, and secure in their most cherished relationships. Which is exactly how I feel in mine!

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