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Gabby Gast and family cooking Pampered Chef meal

Independent Pampered Chef Consultant

Cook quick and easy meals with your family!

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Have you ever thought, “What if I could just feel appreciated in the kitchen without the idea of making meals feeling like a chore?” With Pampered Chef’s unique and durable tools, you can feel empowered to find joy and love within your kitchen. I’m excited to create simplicity in your kitchen, so you can cook quick and easy meals with your family! With my help, you can find joy in that question!

Pampered Chef Parties, Products, and Cooking Classes

Parties & Products

Pampered Chef Virtual Party

Pampered Chef Products

Cooking Lessons Online

Become a Pampered Chef Consultant

Pampered chef virtual party

Pampered Chef Virtual Party

When was the last time you had a shopping spree for tools in your kitchen that will completely revitalize and enhance your cooking skills? Pampered Chef takes care of their party hosts and sets them up with the best discounts and fun with friends and family!

  • Fun Facebook and interactive Zoom parties from the comfort of anywhere you’d like, even the comfiest spot on your couch!

  • Host rewards parties allow you to earn free Pampered Chef dollars and discounts on items for your kitchen while your guests shop!

  • Shared rewards parties allow you and all of your guests to earn up to 25% off of their entire order! It’s like passing around an awesome coupon deal you received!

  • Fundraisers are easy and you will earn at least 25% of the party sales back to the charity of your choice!

  • Registries include weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, housewarmings, and so much more!

Virtual Party
pampered chef product deluxe air fryer

Pampered Chef Products

Pampered Chef’s products offer a huge variety of kitchen tools that will allow you to make quick and easy meals! These tools are durable and have lasted decades! My can opener is 12 years old and looks as new as the first day I used it!

  • Small Appliances

  • Kitchen Utensils

  • Cookware

  • Enrichables protein and nutrient packed subscriptions

  • Tastebuds monthly delivery of seasonings, recipes, and fast flavor ideas right to your door!

  • Plus so much more!

cooking lessons online

Cooking Lessons Online

I am here to help you embrace your love within your kitchen to allow the idea of making a snack or a meal become a passion instead of a task. I am here to offer an array of guidance around using your products with ease.

  • Cooking with kids

  • Small to large audience product demos

  • Cooking shows where we grab a recipe or two and gather with your friends and family for an hour of fun! Please note: These shows are currently offered virtually only

  • Plus so much more!

Online Cooking Lessons
pampered chef meal
pampered chef meal
Gabby Gast baking a pie

How to be a Pampered Chef Consultant

I love to chat with inquiring minds to find that they have a unique personality that they didn’t realize they had - this emerges through our conversations and through Pampered Chef, they become the strongest Consultants! As a consultant, you help so many people find clarity in their kitchens through the use of durable and long lasting tools! The best part is that there is no risk to giving Pampered Chef a go! Through my team, I will guide you at every step and allow you to earn the cost of your New Consultant Kit back within 60 days! 

Being a Pampered Chef Consultant means that you have your own business! You can take this business where you want to go! We have aprons of all sizes. From side-jobs to hobbies, and as far as your new career, Pampered Chef allows you to be who you want to be!​


  • Payoff debt

  • Create long-lasting friendships

  • Reach a goal by contributing to a new house, car, trip, and more

  • Purchase that dreamy outdoor playset for the kids

  • Create the flexibility you’ve been longing for

  • Be your own boss

  • Earn free Pampered Chef products

  • Earn a trip in the United States or another country - I did it in my first year as a Consultant!! It’s really possible!

You can earn yourself a paycheck while having fun while making new friendships and joining my team (family). When you are one of us, you have the support to be who you want to be!

Join the Team


Hear what our Pampered Chef Consultants have to say


I joined Gabby’s team and Pampered Chef because I love the products I have now. I can meet new people, earn more products, earn extra income, and I can do it on my time.

Kathy Z

Kathy Z.

I love the tools, I love the people who mentor me, the rest of the team, and I really enjoy the relationships I am building with the people that host with me.

Tina P

Tina P.

#WhyIPamperedChef - I began my journey with Pampered Chef so I could earn free products with their fast rewards program for consultants and I rocked that! I earned a Knife Block within 90 days of starting as a Consultant! I love that I am able to have extra spending money during the holidays, too. I continue to love my "fun job" because the products last years (and decades) and I use them every day when I cook for my family!

Kayla H

Kayla H.


Pampered Chef Consultant Gabby Gast

Meet Gabby

Hi! I’m Gabby. Many call me Go-Go-Gabby. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic illness that affected my life by limiting my physical ability to move around because the strength of my lungs deteriorated quite a bit over the years. In 2018, my doctors informed me and my family that I was in end-stage Cystic Fibrosis. In a nutshell, without a double lung transplant, it would be a miracle if I made it to my next birthday.

In March of 2019, I received the most amazing present and blessing; a Double Lung Transplant! I pray for my donor and her family every moment that I can. Prior to my transplant, I didn't have energy for much, I was more of a movie and board game mom. Afterwards, I have an energy and drive that feels so amazing!


Pampered Chef has been a big part of my journey in helping me transition into being more active at home with my kids and has really helped to simplify my life. I love speaking with newbies to Pampered Chef or seasoned lovers to find ways to create quick and easy meals so they can enjoy more time with their family, like I have!


I would love to chat with you and find love in your heart for your kitchen and mealtime, and replace the idea that cooking for your family is a task! If you love the idea of simplicity and family, reach out anytime!

Meet Gabby
Pampered Chef logo


Independent Director for Pampered Chef


Pewaukee, WI USA

Monday - Friday 5 PM - 8 PM

Saturday - Sunday 10 AM - 3PM


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Gabby Gast Love Coach
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